Ornua Centre of Excellence Operational -
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Ornua Centre of Excellence Operational

Ornua’s new 6,000 sq. m Kerrygold Centre of Excellence significantly enhances an already world-class supply chain to meet the evolving needs of Kerrygold customers and consumers in 110 markets worldwide.

In the role of Lead Design Team Consultant RKD was responsible for site selection, masterplanning, design, procurement, construction administration and quality control of the new facility.

Situated in Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, the new Centre of Excellence is a fully integrated food production complex designed to best practice standards to accommodate the manufacture, packaging and distribution of butter products.

In addition to its extensive production and warehousing areas the Centre includes quality control, research & development, offices, customer interaction, administration, and welfare facilities, to support the growth and development of the iconic Kerrygold brand.

The development essentially comprises a single building in which various production processes are physically interconnected to create an innovative, fully integrated production and distribution environment.

The production process takes place in a high food safe environment, encompassing the processing of raw cream into a variety of butter products and spreads, and the packing of same, in multiple formats.

One of the most important interconnected elements is the cream intake area, which facilitates the delivery of raw cream by both road tanker and pipeline from the adjoining Dairygold facility. Buttermilk, the liquid by-product of the butter making process, is also dispatched by tanker from this area.

The cream intake area features a row of 15m-tall silos providing storage for both incoming and outgoing liquids.

The dry ingredients and packaging materials are stored in high bay warehousing on static racking. The finished, packed products are stored within a high bay ASRS chilled storage area.

The dry goods and finished product are brought in and out of the facility through specialised dock pods on the southern end of the building.

RKD’s masterplan includes provision for potential future expansion, predominantly to the west of the Mitchelstown facility.