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Spotlight: Masterplanning

Masterplanning has the potential to unlock economic value and sustainably optimise development opportunities on large strategic sites. At RKD, our masterplanning experience is honed by decades of successful project delivery.

RKD has provided an extensive selection of masterplanning solutions for a diverse range of clients. Every solution is tailored to meet a comprehensive set of needs, and every project contributes to deeper knowledge. Combining that knowledge and experience creates the valuable expertise that we share with ambitious clients to help realise their strategic outcomes.

Our collaborative approach to masterplanning focuses on 3 key aspects:

We use thematic design thinking to translate this shared approach into bespoke masterplan success for our clients.

Understanding the Unique Context

We listen, we research, and we harness local knowledge to develop clear understanding of the site context and conditions, the client vision, and the planning framework. Through careful analysis, the unique potential of every site is identified, developed, and embedded in a bespoke masterplan proposal.

Existing site ecosystems often define how large campus spaces are used. RKD’s masterplan solutions embrace this character to support a healthy and sustainable environment.

Making Places for People

Placemaking strengthens the connections between people and the places they share. Connected and healthy public spaces form the backdrop to daily life and improve people’s wellbeing, quality of life, sense of community, and shared value. An open space framework establishes the primary movement connections and built form locations.

This unique relationship creates an active interface between external and internal spaces that informs building use, height, and character. By taking a people-first approach, RKD’s masterplan solutions prioritise pedestrian and cyclist movements while minimising the impact of roads and vehicle movements.

Adaptable Framework

Adaptable masterplan frameworks provide the methodology for directing change in the physical environment over time. By ‘designing in’ adaptability, our masterplan solutions strategically position our clients to regularly make effective decisions that optimise benefits and incrementally move towards the final site vision.

Successful masterplan frameworks balance adaptability and robustness. Our solutions embed key organising principles of open space, connectivity, permeability, and height. Building forms and dimensions are not overly prescriptive, enabling the site to proactively respond to future changes of use and function.

Séamus Guidera is RKD’s Commercial Sector Lead. Connect with Séamus to learn more about RKD’s masterplanning capability and how it can unlock economic potential for your stakeholders.