When we’re consulted to design for cleanrooms or specialist containment, we focus on protecting the people, the process, the equipment, and the environment.

Many of our clients’ research and production facilities require cleanrooms or specialist containment measures. Our approach seamlessly integrates your specialist laboratory and manufacturing processes into the correct environment. We support procurement and ensure quality in construction. Our designs deliver a safe, efficient and great place to work. When our clients have bespoke validation processes, we adapt our approach to better suit their requirements.

At RKD, our core consulting expertise covers:

  • Biological containment from BSL 2 to BSL 4 design.
  • Chemical containment from OEB2 to OEB4 design.
  • Radiation-based processes including alpha rays, beta rays, gamma rays, X-rays, neutrons, high-speed electrons, high-speed protons, and other atomic particles.
  • Cleanroom design grade D to A with isolators for both the microelectronics and the (bio) pharma industry.
  • Low vibration environments VC-A to VC-E and NIST.

For projects requiring non-European or multi-jurisdictional legislation we adapt our designs to integrate our clients’ in-house requirements, protocols, and applicable international standards.